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"Missions" manifests itself both locally and internationally.  There are lost, hurting, and broken people who live next door, across the city, and around the world.  Our hearts are drawn to them.  Jesus Christ has set the world free from the power of sin and death by His sacrificial death on a cross and resurrection from the grave.  He gave us the Great Commission, "As you go, make disciples of all nations."  Part of the Irreducible Core, "Love God.  Love Others. Make Disciples." points to this.  

We can do more, but we cannot do any less.  

We have connections with people across the US, in Uganda, the Philippines, Turkey, India, and a new relationship beginning in Mexico.  God is moving and calling to Himself those who will love Him and love His people. 


Our mission is to take the Gospel next door, across the city, and around the world; one-on-one or large gatherings, serving with the love of Christ.

 We also assist pastors who are not necessarily under the EMC umbrella.  In addition to churches, we partner with local ministries to reach teens, the homeless, and single mothers.  

Internationally, we support New Hope Orphanage and school (infants thru high school) near Kampala, Uganda.  In Turkey, the church is re-emerging and rapidly growing, delicately balanced in a hostile environment.  We have supported a specific pastor there almost from the inception of EMC.  He is one of the leaders of a network with whom we cooperate.  India represents special challenges as well.  Hopegivers International is the umbrella organization with whom we work.  Their mission is to see India come to Christ; that is a mission easily agreed to.  They operate orphanages, schools, seminaries, dowry cast-a-way homes, leper colonies, facilitate church plants, and drill wells to name a few.  The connection in Mexico is beginning with small building projects and is growing.