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Small Groups


The purpose of small groups at EMC is to live out our core values together in community.  In fact, we can't do this alone.    

Love God. Love Others. Make Disciples. It's not just an ideal. It's a transformative way of life. Jesus commanded us to live out these core values in our everyday lives. His prayer was that we would be unified with our Heavenly Father and with each other, so that the glory and love of God would impact our neighborhoods, our city and spread to the whole world. [John 17:20-23]


That everyone would be part of a thriving group.  Within each gathering, life is shared in communion with God, in community with each other and is missional in nature.  


These are the three primary aspects of small groups that allow us to partner with God's transformative work.

Things that relate to our intimate connection with God

Communion involves the commitment of members to grow in relationship to God together.  This includes spiritual formation, Bible study, devotions, prayer, worship and spiritual disciplines.  This also involves a willingness to hold one another accountable for spiritual disciplines. 

God's work in uniting diverse people together in Christ

Relationships begin by welcoming all who come, getting to know each other, and helping one another to live out our idenity as sons and daughters of God.  Relationships are built by praying, caring and supporting one another.  It's the result of people committing to love and serve each other and the world.

God's invitation to participate in His redemptive and transformative work

Joining together in God's mission and destiny for you, and your group.  It involves engaging the community, by determining needs and asking how the group can meet them.  

When communion, community and mission are lived out in balance, transformation happens.  Disciples are formed.  It's where these three things come together that the Kingdom of God is experienced and our destiny is lived out.  

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