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Jeremy Erb



I was raised in a home full of love for each other and love for God.  As a child I lived in California, Oregon, South Dakota and Alberta as my father went to school and became a pastor/church planter.  Soon after graduating High School I encountered God in a personal and profound way that changed all my categories and the trajectory of my life.  The objective truths about God that I had been raised with were encountered in a subjective experience with God.  I’ve never been the same!

Since then I’ve been encountering and experiencing Jesus as a husband to Wanda, father to Judah and pastor to many in North Dakota, Texas, Oregon and now Arizona.  I’ve been so happy to bring the message of the gospel to Mexico, Peru, Trinidad & Tobago, India and Liberia and most recently the Philippines.


My hope for EMC is to see God do something beyond my hopes – something only God could come up with and only God could pull off!  I can’t wait to see what He has in store for EMC and through EMC – whatever it is I am confident it will be good!