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Denny Harkins



I was raised in a family that was the epitome of loving stability.  Raised in church, however, the God I caught was for me found lacking, with no ability to positively impact my life when I most needed it.

For a while, life came easy with most things simply falling into place.  Good grades.  Good in sports.  Popular in school.  Actively involved in church.  Married my high school sweetheart, began life with nothing but positive expectations.  Successful in business, successful in ministry - devoted myself to the pursuit of both. The result was the destruction of my marriage.  Even though there was not "another woman" there might as well have been - I was never home, never available for my wife and children ... my "affair" was with work and church.

I prayed and prayed for God to save my marriage with no apparent answer.  The marriage fell apart in spite of my prayers.  Concluding God could not be trusted I walked away from Him, living life on my terms.  Fast forward a few years - life was again in destruction - bringing me to the end of myself.  At that point I finally gave complete control of my life over to God.  That moment did not change any of my circumstances but changed me.

God has restored the years the locust have taken.  I now experience God relationally.  He has given me my beautiful wife Kristine, blessed my children with Godly spouses, given five grandchildren, restored balanced ministry, and has given His Local Community.  The comfort He has given me I now get to pass on to others. In spite of me, all things have worked for Good!


My heart's desire for EMC is: an environment created and established resulting in Christ being fully formed in all who choose this for their local gathering; individual lives changed resulting in the transformation of their homes, families, neighborhoods, work places etc; people confidently living out Christ in the Real World in the normal traffic patterns of their lives.

My hope for EMC is that our people will never allow their mistakes and past dictate who they are. We are not defined by those things!  The Good News of Jesus allows us to be secure in who God made each of us to be.  When we live out in love what God has placed in us, everything changes around us.  My prayer is that we all be free in Christ.  And if Christ has set you free, you shall be free.